General informations

  • To obtain the best results in terms of strength and safety, we purchase the Ergal® pipe with a diameter of 28.6 mm with a thickness of 6.55 mm from leading European manufacturers.
  • With CNC machines we return the tube to have 22 mm of the standard diameter at the ends. We are the only manufacturers who return the tube rather than conify it. Even if this procedure involves a waste of raw material of the 40%, the structure of the handlebar does not weaken and allows us to obtain a greater thickness in correspondence with the most stressed areas.
  • We bend the handlebars with the latest generation CNC BLM bending machines with the possibility of having customized bends. We strengthen the handlebar by aging it in the oven, bringing the Ergal® to grade T6.
  • The finish can be glossy or satin. The anodizing, which gives the desired color, is carried out by a market leader. With the latest generation Mopa laser the centering marks are engraved and on request we can engrave the names and logos in gray scale. Italian 100% product. 

Available sizes

The production of CMV Meccanica handlebars includes different types of products, with different folds that cover all types of needs for your motorcycle. To facilitate the search for the ideal fold, we have prepared a PDF table that summarizes all the available sizes.

Folds table

Click on the image to view the handlebar bend table